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Our most popular product is a combination of softcover and hardcover products that are run at the same time. By gang-running the text of a softcover and hardcover at the same time, you get a considerable discount on the entire print run.

Let’s use some hypothetical numbers to demonstrate what we mean. For instance, let’s say you want to print 2000 softcover books and they cost $2.50. If you add at least 500 hardcovers to the order, it would only cost roughly $1.00 more per book for those hardcovers!

Now let’s say you charge $20 for your softcover, and the typical $10 increase on the hardcover for $30. The profit on 2,000 softcovers would be $35,000 while the profit on 500 units would be $13,250. So by selling even half of the hardcover books in this scenario, the cost of printing ($6,750) would be covered!

That’s the power of this special, and why it is our absolute best-selling product.

We worked hard to be able to offer this sort of product, and to our knowledge it is not one offered by any of our peers. But it was important for us to develop this product, because it affords publishers the ability to better turn a profit. After all, your success is our success.

Please note that a minimum of 1000 softcover and 500 hardcovers are necessary to take advantage of this deal. However, there is no maximum to how many of either version you wish to use.

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